Landing & Balcony

Unity Construction recognizes that Landings and Balconies are an integral part of the building’s structure and are often overlooked when it comes to exterior renovations.

We can assure you that pro-active attention to these parts of your property will save you from costly future repairs. By sealing cracks in landing and balconies you are creating a barrier to deter water penetration. Water can severely weaken and damage internal structures in the form of rotted wood resulting in loss of structural integrity.

Unity Construction uses only the highest quality materials such as 3/4″ Treated Decking secured with Ring Shank Galvanized Nails and 60 Mil Butyltriethlene Membrane along with B+ or better quality lumber. Maximizer 5500 PSI (Driveway Rated) concrete is only used in our applications.

We have expert carpenters that can architecturally rebuild your balconies and landings with cost effective pricing.