General Contractor

We at Unity Construction in the role of the General Contractor can bid the entire job and do it with our forces. This therefore produces the results that are in the best interest of our clients as the control and responsibility starts and stops with Unity Construction & Painting, Inc. Either large or small projects are well within our grasp to expedite with our various specialties to other trades such as electrical, heating, and plumbing on larger work. Either way, we the GC are responsible to you the owner for successful completion of the work in a timely manner.

Aside from the necessary skills of the trade, we at Unity Construction have sharp business acumen to compete and run our business effectively.

Unity Construction is ultimately responsible for the coordination of all trades and the progress schedule and runs the work site like a tight ship. The wise GC realizes that others are economically dependent upon his management and labor skills and works with all to fairly, economically, and expeditiously producing the outcome of the Project to the satisfaction of the Client.